From Concept to Realization


AvMET is a cloud based system used by Airlines to maintain and track their Aircraft Fleets.

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Electronic Product Design

We design and develop high quality embedded systems products rapidly and efficiently.

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Power Engineering

We help clients with the myriad of power supply challenges product designers face during the course of the design process.

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CES has all disciplines necessary to drive an embedded product from concept to realization. We develop products or portions of products for clients in Avionics, Industrial, Telecom, Consumer, Wireless and Medical industries, in activities spanning architecture design, development, validation, regulatory and local or offshore production.


We are flexible and work to your needs. We provide full turnkey solutions, starting with an initial concept or requirements set and delivering in return a production ready product. We also offer design and development assistance on portions of products or portions of the product lifecycle. For example, we provide specific development support to clients that may lack expertise in a particular domain. This spans critical design reviews to actual development tasks. In addition, we implement upgrades, reliability improvements and cost reductions on whole products.

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