Reliability and Failure Analysis

Altitude, Rapid Decompression and Pressure Testing

Our A2LA accredited testing laboratory (Testing Cert. #3521.01) offers the ability to test your product at a wide range of altitudes and pressures. Additionally, it allows for environmental temperature control while at altitude in the range of -65°C (-85°F) to 150°C (302°F).

Our Russell’s Technical Products RHD-42-6-6-W chamber has 42 cu-ft of internal space and an altitude range of -2000 to 100,000 feet.

With its large vacuum pump, it can transition its entire pressure range in less than one minute, or the DO-160 decompression test of 8000 ft to 45000 feet in less than 15 seconds. We also offer an extremely high decompression rate of two seconds.

For pressures greater than -2000 feet (106.94kPa), we have a small pressure chamber capable of pressuring your product’s atmosphere to up to 95 psi.

With two access ports (3” and 6”), we can route required connections to the unit under test into the chamber without building a custom interface, but we also have the capability to manufacture custom flanges to meet your needs if required.

Our A2LA certification covers the following standards with respect to Altitude / Pressure / Decompression testing:

  • RTCA DO-160 D, E, F, G Sec. 4.0