Reliability and Failure Analysis

Other Services

Reliability Engineering & Consulting

When our customers need additional expert support in developing a test specification, finding a failure rate (Relex Software), performing damage modeling, stress analysis (Finite Element Analysis), or designing a HALT/HASS screen – our highly qualified engineers with advanced degrees and years of industry experience are available to help. We are also well connected to the experts in academia and industry to connect to specialists and help you solve your problems.

Fixture Design & Fabrication

A well designed and timely fabricated fixture is essential for the integrity of mechanical tests like Shock, Vibration, and Force-Displacement measurements. CES offers design, fabrication, assembly and validation for test fixtures crucial for testing your products. We have an in-house machine shop as well as relations with number of shops in the area to support quick turnaround or long term needs.
Our Fixture Capability includes:

  • Conceptual Design
  • Detail Design
  • Fabrication / Manufacturing
  • Assembly
  • Validation / Qualification

Life Tester Design & Fabrication

Mechanical parts such as buttons, switches, and plugs are expected to last thousands if not millions of cycles. Knowing that your product will perform as expected over the course of its lifetime requires testing. We have electric and electro-pneumatic life test systems that can be easily adapted to most of the applications by using a fixture or adapter suitable for your component or subsystem to be tested. We can also design and fabricate life test systems for our customers to their specific requirement.

Energy Efficiency Testing

Technology and environmental concerns are transforming the appliances we use for our day-to-day living. This presents the need to measure different performance attributes and their relation to power efficiency. We are set up to test the efficiency of home and industrial appliances such as heat pump water heaters, LED light systems, and air to air heat exchangers. Our large walk-in temperature and humidity controlled chambers can simulate different operating climates under which the appliance’s performance can be evaluated. Our instrumentation, measurement and data acquisition capability empowers us to provide accurate traceable data to support the testing required under ASHRAE/DOE standards. Our strong technical background helps to analyze customer requirements and then quickly design, implement and qualify a test setup. Our cost and turnaround time for appliance testing is significantly better than national and large laboratories around the country. We have also provided product reliability and electrical safety evaluation and testing services to the appliance industry.