Reliability and Failure Analysis

Power Input Testing

We help clients with the myriad of power supply challenges product designers face during the course of the design process. Our power engineering team has decades of experience, spanning power supply design & power systems design for SCADA, medical, industrial control, and ultra high volume consumer applications. We have the skilled personnel and laboratory equipment to assist in all or individual areas of the power engineering lifecycle including: definition, analysis, design, design audits, validation and offshore production.
Definition, Analysis and Design: Early in the development phase, we create a power budget specification and define a power delivery system. Clients also come to us requesting we perform design audits of their power supplies. We review their power requirements, evaluate the design and provide recommendations to close any gaps, improve robustness and manufacturability.

  • Electrical Design Review
  • Power Budget Analysis
  • Power Delivery System Analysis
  • De-rating Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Fault Analysis
  • Load Transient Analysis